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Oct-03-2010, 8:14pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
The David Grisman Interview

The Mandolin Cafe's Forum members have the questions, and mandolin legend David Grisman has the answers for a special two-part interview.


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Oct-04-2010, 12:00am
Well done. The recordings and the photos are illuminating and delightful.

Mandolin Mick
Oct-04-2010, 2:07am
Hey Dawg!

Thanx so much for not only answering my question re: My Last Days on Earth, but including a recording of you doing it as well! Great job!

mildini mandolini
Oct-04-2010, 8:04am
Dear David

Thanks for the interview
Thanks a lot more for all the great instrument pictures
But thanks most of all for all the great music that you have put out and keep putting out
it makes my world ( and I am sure everyone else's world) a better place

Good p-luck with all your future endeavours and please keep fixing this world

Mike Bromley
Oct-04-2010, 9:04am
Fascinating reading.

Denny Gies
Oct-04-2010, 9:25am
Thanks to both the Cafe and to David. The Dawg remains one of the all time greats.

Oct-04-2010, 9:28am
Great interview. How about pictures of the two banjos- the Vega Tuba-phone #3 especially!

Steve Roberts

Oct-04-2010, 10:31am
Absolutely fantastic...thanks Dawg and Scott!

Oct-04-2010, 3:40pm
I really enjoyed reading the interview and what a treat to include the music and pictures!

Thanks, David for introducing me to the mandolin!

Philippe Bony
Oct-04-2010, 3:50pm
Absolument délicieux! Merci.
Mille mercis aussi, monsieur Tichenor! (with Stephane's voice and (!) accent)

Andy Fielding
Oct-05-2010, 4:24am
Hi Dawg—All musicians have key musical moments in their lives. I had two of 'em: when I first heard the Beatles (1964), and the DG Quintet (1979). Other great artists have come along, but no one else (for me, at least) had that unique kind of energy. Thanks ever so much, dude.

Oct-06-2010, 4:56am
When in a musical quandry I ask myself the question WWDD?
Been listening to, admiring and being inspired by the DAWG since the 70s.
I play along w/ Traversata every day.
Thanks to DAWG for a lifetime well spent.

~~Joe Hannabach~~~~

James P
Oct-06-2010, 2:59pm
Absolument délicieux! Merci.
Mille mercis aussi, monsieur Tichenor! (with Stephane's voice and (!) accent)

And Stephane Grappelli's piano playing! I had no idea. What a treat.

Oct-06-2010, 4:36pm
On page two of this article, after we see some of his mandolins, Dawg says "and you thought you had MAS!!" I think that at this level of musicianship owning these mandolins is more of a right than a syndrome! Thanks for all of the great music David.

Oct-07-2010, 7:11pm
Thanks, Ted, for getting this together. A great evening read. Dawg is a flat out cool cat. The picture of him, Jethro and Tiny is awesome.


Oct-08-2010, 6:57am
I think the interview speaks for itself. And it calls for a sequel.

What I like most is the love for musical instruments that despite being not "the holy grail" have pretty special qualities. I´m thinking about Rudy Cippola´s Strad-O-Lin for example. Maybe these instruments are the "howly grail".

Additionaly the music is downright awesome. I have allways admired Mr. Grisman´s aproach at recording music as something dynamic and alive that sometimes will be worth listening to even though one might hear technical/mechanical/musical flaws.

Jim Yates
Nov-04-2014, 5:39pm
The photo of Ralph on the cover of the Greenbriar Boys Ragged But Right album is where I learned my first chop chord. I copied Ralph's fingering of a Bb chord and used it up and down the fingerboard for a while as my only chop chord.

Mandolin Cafe
Oct-03-2017, 1:00pm
Noting the anniversary of this favorite interview of ours with the Dawg. We think it's about time for another one!

Oct-03-2017, 3:34pm
I must admit that is a great interview!

Mandolin Cafe
Oct-03-2018, 12:55pm
Another trip around the sun for this epic two-part interview with the Dawg!

Oct-03-2018, 1:53pm
Whatever happened to the Dawg L&H style 5. The pictures of the prototype are breath taking.

Mark Gunter
Oct-04-2018, 10:16pm
It was discontinued, it's the DGM-3. I've drooled over those pics in the interview many times. They seem pretty scarce on the used market. Here ya go: https://www.mandohangout.com/classified/10091

Seems almost a crime the way that seller clutters up that gorgeous headstock with his untrimmed ends.