View Full Version : Gibson F9 -v- F5L-v- Fern models

Sep-26-2010, 4:36pm
I'm looking at replacing my Michael Kelly Dragonfly for some thing with more volume that will sound better as I go up the fretboard. It's been a great mando (one of the better MKs I've been told) but I'm ready to move on to an American made instrument. Is the Gibson F9 comparable to the F5Ls and Ferns soundwise? While I appreciate inlay and binding are the wood and basic construction the same? The F9s seem to be a great deal right now and if I can get as good of a sound they seem to fit the bill. literally.
Thanks in advance:)

Sep-26-2010, 5:03pm
The F9 I use to have was very nice sounding ... as good as the higher priced Gibsons IMHO but you know what they say. It's safer to try one out first as they could all be somewhat different.

Sep-26-2010, 8:35pm
Thanks Woodwizard opinions are what I'm asking for:) the fact that you have a 2006 F5 gives your opinion crediblity. The goldrushes are beautiful... someday...

Sep-26-2010, 9:24pm
IIRC the F9 has a much slimmer/flatter neck than the others, though I'm sure someone will correct me if I'm wrong.

Sep-27-2010, 4:34pm
Thanks to those who have viewed and espescially those who have replied. I have moved this thread to the Looking for information about mandolins thread. Sorry I'm a new user to this forum.