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Oct-11-2004, 2:46pm
I'm in love with this tune and have been working out the melody, not to mention, pilfering every Jethro lick I can figure out.

But can anyone help with some chord shapes, especially Dim7?

I have a chord chart to the song with all of them listed, but no shapes or postions are shown, and I can't figure out the Bdim7 to Cdim7 section.

I only know one dim7 shape and it won't work here because I run out of fretboard.... HELP!

Oct-11-2004, 5:21pm
Diminished chords are nice in one way: they are "cyclical". All the notes are spaced such that if you move the chord up 3 frets, you've got the same diminished chord again, just with a different note order. What this means is that if you want a Cdim7, you can play an Ebdim7, a F#dim7, or a Bbdim7 instead. They all have the same 4 notes. This also means that if you can play one diminished chord, you are no more than 2 frets away from any and every diminished chord available. Experiment with it, you'll find the right dim chord somewhere close to where you're at.

If I were going to play a Bdim, I'd use the position

1st string -- 4th fret
2nd string -- 5th fret
3rd string -- 3rd fret
4th string -- 4th fret

This also forms the Ddim7, Fdim7, and Ab dim7 chords.

Peter Hackman
Oct-12-2004, 3:05am
Jethro advocated the use of three note chords,
which make voice ledaing much less of a problem -
it can be improvised.

QUITE GENERALLY, people, soloists or accompanying guitarists,
use too many notes in their chords.

Oct-16-2004, 1:39pm
Did Jethro record that tune? I've only heard the Django version. I love it, but it'd be great to hear a mando version of it.