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Oct-10-2004, 6:18pm
The saucier (more amusing) lyrics would be requested sent Off post, as an accomodation to the administrators position, but the 2:42 version on recording [the early years, '37-39] is a real swinging arraingement, but too short, and since the tune has such a long history, I continue to wonder about its dockside pub versions.

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Oct-11-2004, 1:39am
Ed Cray's The Erotic Muse has it as "Bollochy Bill the Sailor", and supplies 14 stanzas.

He writes:

This song; unlike so many folk songs, has little to recommend it. It's melody is monotonous; its lyrics are ridiculous to the point of idiocy. But, weak tune and foolish lyrics notwithstanding, the song has an appeal all it's own. Singers can add new lyrics as they go, unburdened by the necessity of observing rhyme schemes; the repetitive tune is easily learned and seems to gather momentum as the song goes on. So for a hundred or more years, Bollochy Bill has been paying his visit to the fair young maidens.

Martin Jonas
Oct-11-2004, 6:01am
For matters like this, the first place to look is always The Digital Tradition (http://sniff.numachi.com/~rickheit/dtrad/). It has the dirty as well as the clean version.


Oct-11-2004, 11:31pm
thanks gang. digi trad link worked, other one, googled, dumped me into amazon.
Guess ED missed the whole swing/jazz era and Mr. Jordan's career entirely, perhaps the unembellished line isnt endearing , but jazz is all about doodling between the lines.

Bobbie Dier
Oct-12-2004, 4:55pm
Thanks for the link to The Digital Tradition. I had to bookmark that one.

Oct-16-2004, 1:07am
Re sack of flour, if its self rising flour does it count as a personal flotation devise if youre washed overboard?
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