View Full Version : Vintage 1930 footage of a Gibson mandocello

Martin Jonas
Sep-16-2010, 11:47am
I've just come across (at Michael Reichenbach's blog here (http://www.gezupftes.de/?p=3086)) an old film clip of Mario de Pietro playing what looks like a vintage Gibson mandocello to accompany a singer on La Paloma. It's at the web archive of British Pathe, along with quite a few other clips by de Pietro. Interesting footage!



Bernie Daniel
Sep-21-2010, 2:08pm
Wonderful look back in time. Yes for sure I'd say you are right its a Gibson K (looks like a K-1?) -- I have a 1936 K-1 with exactly the same pick guard arrangement. This was recorded in April 1931 I guess according to the information. Neat find!

Jake Wildwood
Sep-25-2010, 8:26pm
Totally cool. Thanks for that!

Sep-25-2010, 9:07pm
Waay cool! Thanks!

Sep-25-2010, 9:16pm
Thanks for posting! Kitchy kool!