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Sep-15-2010, 12:47pm
Hi Folks,
I hope this is appropriate here.
I'm very happy to pass this on from friends Doug and Vikki Dillard:

Doug is looking for an honest agent who is active in Bluegrass booking
for the best possible venues and or established festivals, one who can
book a circuit that would be worthwhile and good enjoyable gigs.
Worthwhile isolated gigs would be fine.

Doug can be seen at the annual "Mayberry Days Festival" Sep. 23-26
This year is his 22nd year to have Main Show at the Mayberry Fest!
This one will be fabulous as it he will have his "Doug Dillard's Band" along
with Miss Ginger Boatwright, Roger Rasnake, Buddy Griffin, Jim Vipperman,
also other guests such as Maggie (Charlene Darling), among other Mayberry
Stars. This will give you a taste of what he is doing now.

This band was nominated for a Grammy for their "Heartbreak Hotel Album"
that you all may remember. Doug was also inducted into the International
Bluegrass Hall Of Fame this past October. "The Dillards" has been his
namesake band for the past ten years, but all of the Dillards are now doing
their own thing, gone their separate ways. He is now ready to move on with
his own band.

Doug will be doing what he does best, Doug Dillard Style.

You can contact Doug at:

re simmers
Sep-15-2010, 6:56pm
I will definitely buy tickets if he appears around here!


Sep-16-2010, 3:43pm
I would go see him at a tavern he used to play every time he passed through there; Ginger Boatwright, Cathy Chiavola and Billy Constable smokin' on a Martin guitar and mandolin. They were great together.