View Full Version : Soviet electric mando!

Oliver R
Sep-14-2010, 7:21am
Looks quite cool and the price is negligible.

Sep-14-2010, 8:10am
Is strong like Russian woman. Is beautiful like tractor.

Sep-14-2010, 8:21am
It looks like it would be great for a canoe trip you could always use it as a paddle. Come to think of it my elementary school principle had a paddle on his his wall that looked like that. I see my learning experiences where all a commie plot.

Sep-14-2010, 8:23am
Plus you get to string the bottom strings backwards.

Tim, you are hilarious. Thanks for the coffee on my monitor.

Steve Roberts
Sep-14-2010, 8:59am
"The item will be packed very well with much of foam-rubber."

What could possibly go wrong with much of foam-rubber?

man dough nollij
Sep-14-2010, 9:36am
"Please look this wonderful Soviet electric mandolin. It was made at Yerevan Musiacal Instruments Factory. All the pics are actual. Don't miss this sweety collectible piece of Soviet Electric Guitar Industry!"

That is one of the most sweety collectible musiacal instruments I've seen all week!

Sep-14-2010, 4:33pm
Hasn't that been on sale for about a year now?

Sep-14-2010, 4:36pm
In Soviet Russia, mandolin play you.

Mandolin Mick
Sep-14-2010, 4:45pm
Comrade ... you want I should play the lollypop with 8 strings? I play, you eat big bowl of borsch!

F-2 Dave
Sep-14-2010, 9:16pm
Well, the Ukraine girls really knock me out...

Sep-14-2010, 9:26pm
I wish they all could be rouski girls

Mandolin Mick
Sep-14-2010, 9:57pm
... and Moscow girls make me sing and shout ... :whistling:

Sep-16-2010, 8:10am
... and Moscow girls make me sing and shout ... :whistling:

That's a horrible shot of Abe Laboriel's kid but he's a monster drummer...

Sep-16-2010, 9:36am
For the record, Yerevan is the capital of Armenia, in the far S of the ex-USSR on the border of Turkey. They would not be happy being called Russians. The mando looks interesting anyway... what kind of pickups did they use?

Sep-16-2010, 11:06am
True enough. Just remember - it was some of us'ns started saying "Russian" - the seller says "Soviet" (which is more than a little out of date, but anyway ...)

Interesting that the knobs are above the strings. Reminds me of what some rock critics used to speculate about Jimi Hendrix, that turning his guitar around put the knobs above the strings for quicker easier access and manipulation. Whatever! It just reminded me, that's all.

One problem with owning this, is that you will start getting asked, "What is that, a balalaika?" :))

Elliot Luber
Sep-16-2010, 1:50pm
Kind of a weird tailpiece and a fixed bridge, but for the money, it's probably worth a go as a novelty. I'd buy it but I just missed the US Open. Could have replaced my Slazinger.