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Sep-12-2010, 8:41pm
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10 Questions For Christopher Acquavella

We visit with San Diego based classical mandolinist Christopher Acquavella, a featured workshop leader and performer at next month's Classical Mandolin Society of America Convention in Seattle, Washington.


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Sep-13-2010, 2:03pm
GREAT! Fascinating.....I just learnt more about Chris than I did in 4 years teaching him at Trinity! He deserves our support...he is such a driving force....I know this sounds like the mutual admiration society....but we had our moments as Chris has already divulged!
I think my exact comments on Chris' first rendition of Bach to me were "that was lovely, but it wasn't Bach"..... but I prefer Chris' memory! Good luck at the Convention Chris. Wish I could come!

Sep-13-2010, 5:50pm
The British BMG Federation wishes Chris all the very best at the Convention, that was a great interview with loads of interesting info... and I still love that German mandolin!
I'm sure that Chris will forgive me if I make one small comment re: "My participation was made possible by the kind support of CMSA/Plucked String Foundation and the BMG Federation of England"

Its actually the British BMG Federation, there is no BMG Federation of England... we can't be upsetting half our Committee (from Scotland).. ho ho hee hee.

Barbara and I were in San Diego last year and had hoped to meet up with Chris... but the holiday passed so quickly and..ah well. But Chris, if you are ever in Scotland.... let us know, we'll have work for you!
Very best wishes to Chris, his progress in the "mandolin world" has been incredible.
Barbara and Ian

Sep-14-2010, 4:42pm
Thanks to Mandolin Cafe for the great interview of Chris. I am one of the lucky students that get to study with Chris in San Diego. It really is a rare opportunity, especially here in the United States, to be able to study with such and accomplished classical mandolinist.

Sep-14-2010, 7:59pm
I really enjoyed this interview and it brought to my attention a mandolinist I wasn't aware of. I loved the clips and I've been exploring Chris's music since. Big ups for playing a Brian Dean mandolin! Someday I hope to as well.


Mandolin Cafe
Sep-12-2018, 7:39am
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