View Full Version : Tenors are in stock now

Sep-10-2010, 1:48pm
when the Tenor guitar gathering happened, here, several of the visitors
stopped in to Rodger Thompson's shop, and wanted to see some Tenors.

OK, he's Got two Blue Ridges there now, set up and strung
1 in 5ths, and 1 Chicago tuning ,

But Y'all left town, again . :confused:

Sep-10-2010, 2:00pm
Tell Rodger we'll be back next summer. Ask him to get some of those new Eastwood tenors in!

Sep-10-2010, 6:31pm
Thiel's in Longview WA might have the Eastman Account , the #2 store, here, is a weak prospect.
Particularly for Spec stocking minor instruments, some advance demand is required to stir those Managers ,

so I suggest there be some Phone calls made early, [I think I'm Not to list phone #s here, so directory will have to do]

this ain't Seattle .. order deposits speak loudly though..
Maybe Gord will find some old stuff scored on Ebay to have on his walls then..