View Full Version : Looking for a song ID

Sep-09-2010, 2:15pm
I'm trying to track down a song and the bluegrass band/group who played it, for a recording I taped from a bluegrass radio program ~10 years ago. I still have a pretty good memory of the song though the tape is long gone, but I have tried a bunch of online lyric and word searches without being able to identify it.

The sound and style of the band more contemporary (ie, I would guess it was from the 1990s). The song led off with a full-verse mandolin break (mando content!), and later also had a full-verse guitar break. Here is part of the lyrics I remember:

This cold windy morning / Dark vales of the shadow
They seem to turn my world to grey
The silence around me / appears to whisper
Those words that I'm afraid to say
My only love has gone away

I'm blue, I have no friend
She's gone, it's more than I can stand
I stare at the raindrops that fall on my window
Like the tears I cried since we're apart,
While inside, it's raining in my heart.

I'm sure someone here can help me out!
(Name of song, band, probably 1990s)