View Full Version : Andy Statman on BBC 4 - connects Klezmer and Monroe

Sep-08-2010, 1:56pm
May I suggest that you celebrate the Jewish New Year with the last 5 minutes of the Sept 5, BBC show, Americana. (by the way, fascinating view of the US as a 'foreign' country) You can 'listen live' or download the podcast. Either way, you may want to skip to the end for a great segment by Andy, with a surprise radio mishap that I don't want to give away.

Podcast: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/americana

General program info:

Sep-08-2010, 2:45pm
good one Brad... i happened to hear that show sunday night and was blown away... what a trip to hear Statman on the BBC! a fascinating half-hour well spent! check it out!

Sep-09-2010, 3:38am
Great! I had never heard this show until a friend sent me the links above. The part I enjoyed most was Andy making a connection between the Monroe Bros', Tennessee Blues, and a well known klezmer recording by the clarinetist Dave Tarras. And then he goes on to speculate that Monroe might possibly have heard the Tarras recording in a jewish deli in Knoxville...

Of course it's also possible that both artists coincidentally found the same way to ratchet up the tension in those great ascending lines. Gene Lowinger, in his memoir (I Hear a Voice Calling) also reports that Monroe had an interest in hearing traditional jewish music. Anyway, it's a fun fresh idea, and it always opens my ears to hear Statman switch effortlessly from mandolin to clarinet.