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Oct-09-2004, 7:52pm
Any ideas on where I could locate a good sounding, hurt looking mandola? I can't afford a great collectable condition instrument, but I want a good sounding A style Martin or Gibson. I've played both and either would fit my needs for Irish and Old Time music. I have taken this route with mandolins and have two great old Gibsons that sound wonderful, are a pleasure to play and look like...well, let's leave it that they won't win any beauty pagents. I want to play and listen to 'em, not look at 'em. Thanks- Mike

Oct-13-2004, 5:03am

I'm confused. Are you saying that only 'beaten-up' mandolas sound good? How about, well made, still great-looking ones that have been 'played in' for 6 months or more?

I have a Fylde (bouzouki) and a Freshwater (mandola) that are both only a year or less old, still great looking and both sounding wonderful. Apart from 2 tiny scratches on the Fylde (my own fault for daring to take it to the pub session) they are both in mint condition and I will do whatever I can to keep them that way.

I can see that you're probably bargain-hunting, and good luck to you. But, I hope in 10 years time no one doubts the quality of my instruments because they look great!


Oct-13-2004, 1:45pm
Steve- I'm not sure how my post gave the impression that you took from it, but let me clear it up. I want a vintage instrument. The only way I could afford to get the ones I have is to find good instruments that cost less because of their appearance. Now I'm looking for a mandola. I've played and liked old Martin and Gibson mandolas. I'd love to be able to afford a mint-condition vintage mandola. Since I can't afford the ones I've seen, I'm firing a shot in the dark here hoping for a miracle. I hoped that someone here had an instrument they couldn't sell because of it's looks and I could give it a good home for an affordable (to me) price. I certainly didn't intend to insult anyone or any instrument.

steve V. johnson
Oct-14-2004, 5:24pm
Hi Mike,

I have a Flatiron Mandola, probably early '90's, looks like the old Gibson "Army-Navy" style, flat top, flat back circular soundhole. It's not very beat up, but it has some dings at the treble edge of the top, and one on the bass edge of the top.
It has a nice black flat leather strap, a chipboard case and a string winder with it. Very nice, not "vintage", nor beat-up, but sounds great and great fun to play. On loan to my from a friend who is willing to sell.

BTW, Adare Steve's instruments are VERY nice (I've played 'em!), and that "mandola" is an Octave Mandola (he's over there on the other side of the Atlantic and they have these little language complications ... <GGG>)

I can send pics, email me at tarbabytunes@aol.com if you like, and we'll discuss it further.