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Oct-09-2004, 12:57pm
How does one read ABC tune format? Here's an example of an Irish tune "Si' Beag, Si' Mo'r":

Si' Beag, Si' Mo'r (http://rigel.csuchico.edu/%7Epubscout/tunes/sbeg.html)

I cant seem to make sense of this format and I find alot of tunes on the net like this.

Oct-09-2004, 1:16pm
You can find tutorials and the standard at the ABC Homepage (http://staffweb.cms.gre.ac.uk/~c.walshaw/abc/).

Some folks can sight read ABC---I do when I'm feeling masochistic, but the usual thing to do is to typeset standard notation with software that reads ABC. I've just found Frank Nordberg's list of applications to do this at http://www.abc-notation.com/abcapp/index.html. I use abc2ps on unix-like systems. I can't say which system you'd like to use.

There're lots of tunes out there in ABC. Have fun with 'em.


Oct-11-2004, 1:29am
I use this web-based app. Just paste the abc text into the form, and click "submit"; it'll generate standard notation in a number of formats.


Oct-11-2004, 1:53am
tabledit can convert abc into tab for lots of different instruments as well as standard notation. just copy the abc to your clipboard open up tabledit and select 'import clipboard' in the file menu.