View Full Version : Lil John's Labor Day BG festival in North Carolina

Sep-01-2010, 9:03am
This weekend - Josh Williams, Blue Hwy, Bluegrass Bothers, James King (maybe, God Bless), Constant Change and Tony Rice!

I have some TRU video I shot and converted to disc, from Arnold Banker's Peaceful Valley festival, 1992, I hope to give it to Tony for a walk down memory lane. Also, would *love* to get with him alone and pick a tune off Backwaters that I have down.

Any cafe folk headed to Snow Camp? Let's pick!

Austin Koerner
Sep-01-2010, 9:23am
I'm already there, sitting at the camper. See you soon!

Sep-01-2010, 9:29am
How udder-ly cool :mandosmiley:

Sep-01-2010, 9:47am
Alan............If you talk to T........and get a chance........ tell him Arthur Stern sends his regards, from CA.

Sep-01-2010, 10:06am
Will do, buddy.

Sep-04-2010, 7:46am
Brief review of yesterday's action (when I was in the stage area and not pickin):

Josh Williams Band - great. Josh is a terrific musician, by now a seasoned pro. He had a good mandolin picker in the band. Terry Baucom helped out on the 5 string. He picked Knee Deep In Bluegrass, complete with the 'rake'. Met Josh later on and swapped Gils.

Blue Highway - great group of pickers, have been together a long time. Tim Stafford is un-sung on the guitar, has his own clean, deft style and has a heckuva right hand. Rob Ickes adds mucho to the sound.

And last but not least...Tony Rice.

First off, he made hisself available in the museum at 6:30 to sign Still Inside, which Tim (co-author) was selling at the BH table. A line formed to get to the table. I already have the book, so I just waited to say hi and give him a disc of some TRU video I shot 20 some odd years ago...pleasure to meet the man connected to those hands :mandosmiley:

SternArt - T says hi right back!

Then, after jamming my a$$ off (and sippin the shine...), 10 P.M. late set - the TRU. Rickie Simpkins, Barry Bales, Wyatt, Josh on mando, Rob Ickes. Packed stage area. Tony on The Antique (as Clarence White's D-28 is called). Opened with Big Country, then Blue Railroad Train, Little Sadie, My Favourite Things(!), Cold On The Shoulder, Summertime, some standards. Solos were equally passed around, several bass solos. Tony spoke quite a bit, heart-felt remarks. He said upon launching into I Am A Pilgrim that when he heard Clarence play this, he cried. It was thrilling to see and hear him pick.

Back today for The Boxcars.

Ron Hale
Sep-04-2010, 9:35pm
Hey Alan,
Nice report. Sounds like you're having a blast! I'm curious if Tony did any vocals during the show. It's hard to imagine hearing a good ol' Tony Rice song with him on stage, and someone else singing it.
Have fun.


Sep-05-2010, 10:00am
No vocals on tunes by Tony for many years now. Seeing the bone up close was something, and seeing how T reveres it.

The Boxcars - Adam Steffey (front man), Ron Stewart, John Bowman, Keith (?) on guitar, bass player. Good sound. Both Ron and John traded off on fiddle and banjo, very versatile. Chatted with him and his wife at the table, very nice folks. Adam is playing a brand new Henderson F-5, sounded very strong. He had Wayne make a short finger-rest that actually angles down, to minimize its presence. Adam told me the jury is still out on whether it stays on there or not.