View Full Version : Darrell Scott's - A Crooked Road $5 download (20 Songs) @ Amazon

Aug-27-2010, 9:08am
Just in case anyone is interested, Darrell Scott's latest release "A Crooked Road" is available at Amazon MP3 for $5 until August 31. It is a double album (20 songs).

Aug-27-2010, 6:23pm
Thanks for the heads-up! I just grabbed it. A real deal at $5! He must need "quick money". :)

Aug-27-2010, 8:06pm
This is kind of ironic my girlfriend bought a copy of Modern Hymns album down from the attic today. Then I came across Robert Plants new project and saw Scott was playing in the band. And now this.....hmmm may just have to go get it.

Dan Johnson
Aug-28-2010, 9:32pm
muchos gracias.... good buy....

Austin Koerner
Aug-28-2010, 10:50pm
Thanks for posting this. I'm diggin' it.

David M.
Aug-31-2010, 11:27pm
It's a good album. I got it when I saw him recently. great show.