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Aug-24-2010, 8:24am
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Jacob Reuven - Hebrew Mandolin

Jacob Reuven has announced the release of "Hebrew Mandolin," a project that incorporates rearrangements of Israeli songs for the mandolin and orchestra with the Raanana Symphonette Orchestra, Omer M. Wellber Conducting.


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Aug-24-2010, 4:52pm
Looks interesting! How many major Israeli mandolin orchestras are there?
By the way, I think I can translate most of the song titles.

Forgiveness (or maybe prayer for forgiveness)
Fields that are in the valley
Three dances: Wet tune (or maybe tune for you(female)),trembling of the night, they surrounded me
There were nights
And maybe (I think this is a famous poem)
The smell of a scarlet ruby apple
Calming oneself
Song of love to the sea
Like a sprout of grain

I'm only an amateur, so please don't kill me if I got something wrong!

Jim MacDaniel
Aug-24-2010, 5:13pm
Sound like an interesting project. I really enjoy his classical work, as well as that with his Middle Eastern/Hebrew/Folk/Jazz fusion project Ensemble Mactub. You can find many clips featuring him over at youtube, as well as a CD or two at CDBaby.com (NFI).