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Aug-21-2010, 12:55am
I have my father's mandolin that I am trying to find out more about. Here is the web page with all I know so far...

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I especially want to find out more about Gibson production records that I've read about. Any information would be greatly appreciated!


barney 59
Aug-21-2010, 4:06am
You seem to have it all,the year and the model. It looks to be completely original and in nice condition. You might want to take it to a repair shop and get a proper set up and then play it. It has the truss rod and is built in what we mandolin junkies like to refer to as "THE LOAR ERA" which translates to Gibson's best years and that does add some value. It's a "plain A " which means it has no logo on the head stock or binding on the back. In those years the models for "A" model mandolins were A-jr, A,A-1,2,3,and 4. They were all pretty much the same thing but got a little fancier as the numbers got higher. I wouldn't want to put a value on it. As a plain "A" it's less desirable than say an "A 4" but it is in such nice shape that it makes it pretty desirable to me at least. That's a nice thing you have there.

Mike Snyder
Aug-21-2010, 4:48am
Very nice. Love those wide grained tops. Is the center seam opened up a bit on the back? Cannot really tell from the photo, but it seems prominent in the shot. Easy fix for a good luthier. I lust for something similar.

Aug-22-2010, 10:23pm
You seem to have a whole lot of information about this mandolin already. If you want to sell it please list it in the classifieds section.