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Aug-20-2010, 2:11pm
I was visiting Bush's web page the other day. To my amazement, he's comeing to a town to play a small theater less than 30 minutes from my front door. I checked my girlfriends work schedule and she has to work. So either my dad or one of my metal head buddy's are going to go with me. The concert isnt till November, but this will be(hopefully if I dont miss on another one of life's curve balls)my first show of this caliber, genre or whatever you want to call it.

Was wondering if any of you have seen Bush play live? What should I expect? I know its not a festival just him from what I can tell, but Im still a little excited that he's coming so close, who knows this could open the door to YMSB or maybe a Jeff Austin and Friends show to head this way.

A group of us are talking about taking in the Bean Blossum Bluegrass Festival in September. Im not 100% sure on the group though, our last concert was Eric Clapton. And we had to carry half the group out cos they passed out before Clapton ever got on stage and I dont drink any more. Sucks when you miss good music cos you have to baby sit a drunk!


Aug-20-2010, 6:36pm
This is from a show in July, this clip has him playing his electric mando but Sam plays a little of just about everything at his shows. You will not be dissappointed.


Aug-20-2010, 7:48pm
Thats awesome man thanks for the clip.

Aug-21-2010, 12:28am
I saw Sam and his band about 2 yrs ago in Ithaca, NY at the State Theater. The man clearly loves to perform, he has a crack band who he gives a lot of room to stretch out (I could even appreciate the electric bassman Brian House), he mixes material from straight ("Your Love is Like a Flower") to newgrass to rock. A real **show** where you get your money's worth from an entertainer who enjoys his job and has all the talent in the world.

Ivan Kelsall
Aug-21-2010, 12:37am
Personally,i wouldn't 'expect' anything,i'd go with an open mind to watch this guy perform. Whatever he plays is going to be terrific.
For me he's not strictly Bluegrass & hasn't been for a long time,but he's such a great musician that whatever he plays is well worth going to see / hear. I'm 100% Bluegrass,but if i ever get a chance to see SB live,i'll be the first in the queue,

Dave Hausner
Aug-21-2010, 1:09am
To see Sam and Scott Vestal on the same stage is amazing.

Aug-21-2010, 10:40am
From NPR's coverage of the recent Newport Folk Festival:

Ivan Kelsall
Aug-22-2010, 1:06am
Dave - You just mentioned my VERY favourite Banjo picker there -a truly amazing player & a dickens of a nice guy as well,