View Full Version : Bluegrass piped over Busch Gardens PA

Aug-03-2010, 7:13am
Was at the park yesterday and in many places, heard the same recording looped and looped. This was all-instrumental, sort of like the BGxxxx series, but it wasn't that. Tunes and pickers I recognized were FW's excellent version of Get Up John from his Rounder 0007 release, Sam Bush on a cut or two, maybe Wayne Benson on 1, some other pickers. Tunes were Sally Goodin, Cincinnati Rag, Crazy Creek, many others. This was more of a modern thing, with hot guitar and dobro breaks. Waiting in line for rides, I must have heard it 5 or 6 times. I talked to the rib guy, he said he has been working there for years, has heard it over and over and over. Now, if he has heard the exact same recording, who knows, cause as we all know...it all sounds alike :mandosmiley:

Aug-03-2010, 7:34am
That's why I always loved Silver Dollar City in Branson, MO. They always had bluegrass piped over the whole park. Of course, I am blessed to have grown up in this beautiful part of the country, so I went to SDC quite often as a kid. I even played there with my band a few years ago. I did always love the bluegrass aired over the whole park though. If only the whole world was like that! LOL