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man dough nollij
Jul-21-2010, 11:17pm
I'm grooving out to Dawg Nation right now, really getting into the way a flute sounds with a mandolin. I don't know a thing about flutes, but it sounds like the one on this album is capable of more bass than a "regular" flute. I don't know.

I've noticed that my favorite choro tunes have the mandolin (bandolim) and flute.

Anybody else notice a particular synergy between mandolin and flute? I love the combination.

Mando Smash
Jul-22-2010, 12:05am
I love that tune! The flute sounds so nice in this tune!

Jul-22-2010, 8:11am
Matt Eakle is a tremondous player. He plays the "regular" flute and that really cool sounding bass flute.


Great sonic combination.


Jul-22-2010, 9:34am
The way Matt Eakle plays harmony on flute to Grisman's mandolin in the DGQ, is nothing short of amazing! Soooooo in sync.......every nuance.......it becomes like one voice. That is HARD to do! No wonder he has been in the band something like 20 years, he is an incredible musician!

man dough nollij
Jul-22-2010, 1:57pm
This isn't the greatest recording, but it's still great. (I'm only hearing the left channel...)

Edit to add another:

Jul-22-2010, 5:14pm
And I might add that I love Joe Craven! Sad that he's not part of the group any more.


Jul-22-2010, 6:42pm
Yeah Joe Craven is a special musician and like a utility infielder he plays fiddle, mandolin & percussion, so was a very versatile band member.......but George Marsh is a monster drummer/percussionist in for his second stint with the DGQ........I thought things then improved rhythmically in the band with George on drums and Frank Vignola in the guitar spot.......but the current lineup with Grant Gordy on guitar and adding Mike Barnett on fiddle, with Marsh, Eakle & Kerwin makes the new lineup a really hot band. The two younger players have added a spark to Grisman's playing, these two are really great up & coming players, both creative improvisers, finding themselves in their dream gig, playing in the DGQ. The ol' Dad has been a mandolin rhythm machine, as he breaks in these young pups.......the groove has been great lately. Last few shows I've seen have been fabulous. When they add the fiddler it has been billed as the David Grisman Quintet +.

Jul-31-2010, 5:24pm
I could not help but chime in on this thread. :) I have been playing flute since age twelve and mandolin since my twenties. They do seem to have a certain synergy together, and I love DAWG music. I want one of those bass flutes!

Jul-31-2010, 6:00pm
Matt Eakle has a cool CD out with his own band....titled "Matt Eakle Band - Hardly Work" on Eaklectic Music, released in 2008. Look for it on www.matteakle.com No mandolin.......just piano, bass & drums, with flute, but gets my recommendation.

For those near Southern Calif. on August 12, 8pm
The Matt Eakle Band was chosen by the National Flute Association to perform at this year’s NFA Convention at the Anaheim Marriott for their prestigious opening night Gala Concert!