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Jul-19-2010, 8:51am
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
Butch Baldassari and Van Manakas - Leavin' Tennessee

One of the last projects completed before Baldassari's untimely death, Leavin' Tennessee pairs the late master of the mandolin, Butch Baldassari with longtime guitar picking colleague Van Manakas on an extra-long set of right-in-thegroove bluegrass instrumentals.


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Jul-19-2010, 8:59am
This looks cool. First became aware of Van on Jack Tottle's excellent Rounder release Back Road Mandolin.

Skip Kelley
Jul-19-2010, 9:58am
That is so amazingly awesome!!! Butch had told me of the project he was working on. After he passed, I didn't give it a thought. Now, this is very exciting news!!

Man of Wax
Jul-19-2010, 10:14am
Wonderful news. Butch's style is inspiring, and Scott Vestal is one of my favorite five-finger players. I don't know Van Manakas's playing, but Butch would not cut a CD with just anyone; and, of course, the crop of fiddlers is very fine. I hope this will be available as an mp3 download on Amazon or iTunes.

Jul-19-2010, 2:12pm
While I only "knew" Butch from his Homespun lessons, I got to meet Van and see him play up-close at a Barbara Lamb show in Livingston, NJ, in 10/08. Great player! It'll seem like along wait 'til this one comes out!

Ken Holland
Nov-20-2010, 2:20pm
I just bought this on EMusic and it is just wonderful. Nice, tight instrumentals that just flow from one to the other and these guys sound like they enjoyed doing it.