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Jul-15-2010, 6:51am
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Jul-15-2010, 7:11am
see this thread


Scotti Adams
Jul-15-2010, 7:59am
Im really glad that there has been a surge of interest in Dorsey lately. I spent many an hour with him learning. There is and never will be a set of hands that "worked" like his did on the mandolin. If Dorsey would have chosen to persue his passion say as Frank W. did theres no doubt in my mind that the mando world would be a different place today as we all would have benefited from his artistry. Dare I say it..Dorsey did Bill better than Frank did..at least to my ears back then. Now..he was not limited to that style by no means...Dorsey could do it all. Could you all imagine Frank and Dorsey sharing the stage together? Theres not a stage that could contain them. I can still see Dorsey with that ol mandolin under one arm...a 2 liter of 7-Up under the other arm and a pack of Salems tucked away in his shirt pocket. RIP my friend.