View Full Version : missouri waltz

Peter Hackman
Oct-03-2004, 7:16am
40 years ago I learned this minstrel song, or parts of
it, from a radio program. Today I mainly remember
the give-away phrases in the beginning of the tune,
and its second half. (And the changes, of course, but they
are everywhere on the internet.) I can do anything I like with
it, but I would like to know the exact original, too.

Does anyone here know if the melody is available
on the web, or if there is some recorded version,
bluegrass, new acoustic, whatever,
where I could pick up the forgotten fragments?

Oct-06-2004, 8:06am

for a midi file


for a complete score.

...might help?

Peter Hackman
Oct-10-2004, 5:19am
Thanks! Full piano score, and
even the verse which I've never heard.
Exactly what I needed.