View Full Version : Changing Tuning On Blueridge 60T Guitar

Jul-11-2010, 1:19pm
I want to change the tuning to GDAE. I think I can use EXP 26 strings, .011, .022,, .032, .042. Has anybody done this? Will I have to do anything to the bridge or nut?

F-2 Dave
Jul-11-2010, 1:24pm
I've been tuning my tenor to GDAE like an octave mandolin using the four middle strings out of a set of medium guitar strings with no adjustment to the bridge or nut. (wow, was that really one sentance?) So far so good.

Earl Gamage
Jul-11-2010, 9:35pm
Yes, it's pretty easy to do. I have my Little Martin tenor tuned GDAE. I looked up om strings and found .012, .022, .032, .046. I went in a local guitar shop and bought single strings as close as I could get to that. I think they are slightly different. The fellow at the shop helped me file the slots in the nut some. It worked really well.

I like playing it and I'm slowly getting where I can pick it up and play without the length of the scale messing me up too much, and without my brain telling me it's a guitar and messing up the fingering.