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Oct-01-2004, 1:24pm
Bill Fahy and Conrad after their performance at Augusta Old-Time Week. #The show featured each of the instruments played in Old-Time traditional style.
Style U Harp Guitar
Style O guitar
1915 F-4 Mandolin
1920 F-4 Mandolin
1907 F-2 Mandolin (3 point)
1923 F-2 Mandolin #(Loar era)
1910 A-4 Mandolin
1912 H-2 Mandola
1914 H-4 Mandola
1913 K-2 Mandocello
1915 K-4 Mandocello
1911 L-1 Guitar
1949 J-50 Guitar
1937 L-50 Mandocello Conversion

Joining the SailCats on the Mandolin King rag:
Michelle Duell
Wayne Kelly
Janet Sorensen
Rick Roberts

Joining the SailCats on Stones Rag:
Rachelle Eddy
Rick Roberts

Joining the SailCats on Sweet Georgia Brown:
Steve Kilby

Darryl Wolfe
Oct-01-2004, 1:26pm
Augusta where??

Baron Collins-Hill
Oct-01-2004, 2:15pm
if its augusta maine im going to die

Oct-02-2004, 6:28am
Auguste Heritage at Davis Elkins college. If you haven't been there you're missing the time of you life. I may be posting mp3's from the performance.




Darryl Wolfe
Oct-04-2004, 11:33am
Thanks...just making sure it wasn't in Augusta GA, 20 minute away