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Feb-12-2004, 9:53pm
Hey Guys, I'm new here and have just started on the Mando. There is a guy around the Lubbock TX area that teaches stringed instruments at the local college and has some mando, guitar, and banjo instructional videos out. His name is Joe Carr and I was wondering if any of you have seen or used them in your learning of the mando. I would like to known how good they are before buying at $53.00 for a two tape set. From what I have been told so far, they are geared for the beginner/amature level.

Feb-13-2004, 1:00pm
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I have heard of Joe Carr, he has played with many greats over the years, although I have never used his instructional material. #What I did when I began selecting books and video's was this. #I picked the material that has songs I was familiar with, and also tunes commonly played at jams. #Also, use material put out by different players, that way you pick up on different styles. #Good luck!


Joe Mendel
Feb-13-2004, 8:51pm
Dale, you could just go take lessons from Joe. Sundown isn't very far from Levelland & South Plains College where Joe teaches. Joe's video's are pretty good, but very straight forward and a little dry. I took lessons from Joe when I went to school at SPC, and have been to Camp Bluegrass a few times. Joe is a very good teacher, and one of the nicest, funniest guys around. However, that doesn't really come through on his videos. You should checkout Camp Bluegrass http://campbluegrass.com/ it is in July and a lot of fun. Disclaimer: I've know Joe for about 10 years, since I went to SPC, and have stayed in contact with him. No financial interest.