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Jun-21-2010, 2:54pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
The Mandolin Case - a Novel by Dr. Tom Bibey

The Mandolin Case is a new novel by Dr. Tom Bibey, a physician and bluegrass musician based in North Carolina. In the book, a medical legal mystery is solved by the local bluegrass community.


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Jun-23-2010, 1:25pm
To all at the Mando Cafe,

Thanks so much for your post about "The Mandolin Case". Due to y'all, the Bluegrass Blog, and many others, the darn thing hit # 1 in the Amazon "Country Books" category for about twelve hours yesterday. (It has now dropped back to # 5)

This is as it should be because the secret to the case was in the mandolins. Mandolin people will get it, but much of the rest of the world will still scratch their head and ask, "HUH??? What happened?"

Dr. B


Jun-23-2010, 2:06pm
And hopefully force - I mean, encourage - them to learn something about mandolins in the process. ;)

Jun-23-2010, 2:48pm
Exactly right! They have no choice if they want to figure out the mystery.

Dr. B