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Jun-19-2010, 8:08am
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The Beatles for Mandolin

Hal Leonard Corporation has announced the publication of The Beatles for Mandolin by Bobby Westfall. 25 tunes in notation and tablature with chord diagrams.


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Jun-27-2010, 1:36pm
Can anyone tell me what level this is written for or direct me to more information?

Jun-27-2010, 2:14pm
I've been doing a bit of hunting for Beatles scores, so I picked it up from Amazon:


... sorry for some reason the embedded URL menu isn't available ... paste the above into your browser.

... it looks pretty easy-to-intermediate ... quite straightforward in melody and plays in first position, not a lot of grace notes.

'Hope that helps.

Elliot Luber
Jul-02-2010, 8:27pm
This sounds pretty cool. I'll have to check it out.

Bob Westfall
Sep-25-2010, 7:42am
Hello! I'm the Beatles book arranger. This is a little late but FYI about the Beatles for Mandolin book.
This book was written for beginners and is mainly about the vocal melodies. Is that not what the Beatles were about anyway!?
There are a few key signature riffs in some of the songs. There are no guitar solos
here. Some of the songs are in the original keys of the recordings, some are not.
Most of it is in first or second position.
The chords are simple and nothing is very high up the neck. It's easy to read and as I said meant for the beginning mandolin player with tab included of course. Hope you enjoy, and as always feel free to embellish the tunes as you learn them. Bobby Westfall

Sep-25-2010, 4:37pm
check out your fellow cafe-forum-ite's efforts at:


John McGann
Sep-29-2010, 7:26am
Along these lines- a few years ago I recorded octave mandolin on Brian Hebert's

Any Time At All: A Session Picker's Tribute to the Beatles. (http://www.bhtunes.com/)

Sep-29-2010, 8:36am
QUOTE: Can anyone tell me what level this is written for or direct me to more information?

Well, it's written for mandolin, so naturally that is genius level. ;-)

Sep-29-2010, 9:16am
I was wondering if this book would be a good intorduction for beginners to some new chord voicings, as an alternative to delving into jazz.

Oct-03-2010, 11:45am
"delving into jazz ..." - i hear you. don't know about the book but i was amazed at how easy - easy-ish - it is to figure out these songs on mandolin. after working out the melody it's just a short step to adding two or three finger chords.