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Jun-13-2010, 8:28am
Anyone have any 'cheater chord' charts for CGDA tuning they would be willing to share? I'm looking for a simple chart I can look at on the fly that shows, by key, the 1-4-5 and relative minors that aren't finger-busting.

For example, what I've worked out for key of G:
G(I) is 2002; C(IV) is 0023; D(V) is 2200; Bm(iii) X445; Em(vi) 4002; Am(ii) 0223

Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks

Jun-13-2010, 9:10am
Anyone have any 'cheater chord' charts for CGDA tuning they would be willing to share?

Not exactly what you're looking for, but close:

I assume that you realize that you could take any GDAE mandolin chord chart and cross the names off and replace them with the name that is a fourth above, ie. replace "G" with "C".

Jun-13-2010, 9:20am
You should be aware, that CGDA is a tenor banjo tuning, so charts, abundant, for that cousin 4 string will suit your needs ..

and given the relationships remain the same in 5ths tuning , mandolin information you can find thru this site is useful, only the names change.., a 4th down
D form on mandolin is the 2002 that is G in mandola/ tenor guitar and banjo .

Transposing , in a word.

barre C and D strings as the 00,and make a similar 23 kind of relationship with ring and pinky fingers, then you have a movable closed chord. with many names depending on fret that it is around.
Likewise the 2002, make an index finger barre of the middle 2 strings,
barring the 2 in the middle then you can form Maj and Minor versions.with the outside strings the 3rd of the chord is the note on the E string ,
so shifting it down a fret is the Mj>m 3rd. ala 2001.

Brad Weiss
Jun-13-2010, 9:43am
I find it easier to transpose the chord chart - a 1-4-5 tune in G (C-D) on the mandolin can be played using the mandolin chords D (G-A) on the 'dola. No new fingerings, etc, just think "down a fifth."

Jun-13-2010, 9:53am
Down a 4th,

The circle of 5ths one way around, (up) >>

4ths the other way round ..<<

its a 7 thing. :popcorn: