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Jun-12-2010, 10:19pm
I am currently in the market for a $400-$500 archtop guitar. I have never owned one before and am really interested in learning the differences. Anyone have any suggestions for an archtop in that price range. I just bought The Loar 600 Mando, and was looking at the guitars as well, but they are pretty high dollar. Wish I could afford one, suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Jun-13-2010, 8:48pm
You might want to look at a Godin 5th Avenue.

Jun-13-2010, 9:06pm
The quest for an archtop guitar at a reasonable price is a tough one. There's a Harmony Reissue archtop out, although it may be just a little above your price range. I have not played one, but it does have a spruce top, which I do not think the Godin has. At the < $500 price range, you are not likely to be getting a carved top. The Loar 600 is a pretty nice guitar for the price, around $900 new, and does have a carved top. Good luck.

Jun-14-2010, 12:58pm
Godin 5th avenue uses a hardwood top, and back , which is OK, if you will be putting a Magnetic pickup
on the equipment spec anyhow..

Gibson TG-150's are a cool thing, but won't come in at the target pricepoint.. if you can find someone letting theirs go..

Jun-14-2010, 2:46pm
Gibson TG-150's are a cool thing, but won't come in at the target pricepoint.. if you can find someone letting theirs go..

Right...I've been looking for one myself (at that low price range)--plenty of old Kays on ebay for ~$300, albeit, plywood.

I just looked at the July 2010 issue of Vintage Guitar--which has a feature article on Gretsch archtop tenors. That one on the cover would be about perfect for me. ;)

I own a Samick JZ4 archtop 6-string, which has a spruce top and is a great value in an inexpensive electric hollow body (the recent MIK guitars, like the Gretsch "Electromagnetics"--which are great guitars for the price, BTW--are a pretty darn good run of imports). I wish that someone would come out with an equivalent tenor model.

Jill McAuley
Jun-14-2010, 10:44pm
Here's a nice looking used Godin 5th Ave. Kingpin with case over at Elderly -



Jun-14-2010, 11:53pm
That case is a tank. Worth as much as the guitar.

Patrick Hull
Jun-27-2010, 10:23am
Actually, to my experience, those Tric cases that Godin sells are rather problematic, unless they've vastly improved recently. Voice of experience here. And I'm generally a big Godin fan.

Jun-27-2010, 11:38am
I'm confused: arch-top six-string guitar, or arch-top tenor guitar?