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Jun-11-2010, 5:33pm
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Don Stiernberg - Swing 220

Don Stiernberg steps out with guitarist Jeff Jenkins and bassist Rusty Holloway for a marvelous collection of instrumental jazz standards on Swing 220.


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Scott Tichenor
Jun-11-2010, 6:13pm
5 stars, exceptional, marvelous, wonderful...

Jun-11-2010, 7:26pm
Looks like I'll be placing an order with Elderly soon!

Jun-13-2010, 2:30am
Man I want this! Wish it was available as a down load like from acoustic oasis.


Jun-13-2010, 11:57am
Waayyyyyyyyyyyy back in 2003 I met Jeff at the Kaufman Kamp. We played together all weekend and everyone kept asking "who is that guy". Since then Jeff has taught at the Kamp and unfornitly we've lost contact but i'm here to tell you Jeff is probably one of the best guitar players on the planet PERIOD!

I remember him meeting Don and picking a little and it was pure magic even way back then. I cannot not wait to get this album.


Jun-27-2010, 8:09pm
great stuff, listened to it driving home from the symposium today. Thanks Donnie!

Jun-30-2010, 7:00am
Bought it at Kaufman Kamp. Listened all the way home. What a treat! Soooooo good. Love it. WOW!

Jun-30-2010, 3:41pm
I got it at the Symposium as well. Great stuff!

Shelagh Moore
Jul-26-2010, 8:27am
This is a really wonderful album... great for relaxing after work.

David Horovitz
Jan-12-2011, 6:23pm
Great CD. Congrats, Don, for the well-deserved recognition. When is Swing 221 being released?

Larry S Sherman
Jan-12-2011, 6:30pm
Not only is the tune selection and playing exceptional, as you would expect, but this CD simply sounds amazing...as in perfectly recorded mandolin.

This one never leaves my iPod.


Ron McMillan
Jan-12-2011, 11:23pm
Just listened to samples on Amazon, and am now off to download an album from the web for the first time. Sublime.