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Tom Glen
Jun-05-2010, 2:34pm
I have two L H Leland Brilliantone Mandolines with bent top and flat back. I believe they were made around 1910-1912. The two mandos have different measurements: Both are approximately 22 1/2 inches long. One has a scale length of 12 1/2 inches and is 8 inches wide. The other has a scale length of 13 1/2 inches and is 9 inches wide. I believe the one with 13 1/2 scale length is a standard mandolin, but what type of mando is the other. Thanks for any help you can provide. I would have included pictures but my camera is broken.

Jun-05-2010, 6:09pm
They first appeared in the L&H catalog about 1911 and they had a mandolin and a short scale mandolin in the line up. There's a catalog picture on page 116 of Hubert Pleijsier's book Washburn Prewar Instrument Styles (http://www.amazon.com/Washburn-Prewar-Instrument-Styles-Pleijsier/dp/157424227X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=books&qid=1275779446&sr=8-1) that was contributed by cafe member Jim Garber. There's also a bit of information about the line. It was short lived.

Tom Glen
Jun-05-2010, 7:42pm
Thanks Mike for the information. Indeed, one of my friends just brought over his Washburn Prewar Instruments book and we found the page you referred to. Based on this information I guess one could assume that this was the short scale model. They also had a Piccolo model with a 10 1/2 inch scale length in the L H Leland line. Thanks again Mike for your suggestion. Does anyone have any other information on the short scale models?

Jun-05-2010, 9:17pm
You should also look at this (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/showthread.php?3851-Leland-Brilliantone-Piccolo&highlight=leland) thread.

For those that don't have the Washburn book here is the catalog page from a previous post by Jim Garber:


Also, here (http://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/search.php?query=leland&exactname=0&starteronly=0&forumchoice%5B%5D=&prefixchoice%5B%5D=&childforums=1&titleonly=0&searchdate=0&beforeafter=after&do=process) is a search with every mention of Leland from every thread on the cafe.

Jim Garber
Jun-05-2010, 10:49pm
Here are my two Lelands, standard and piccolo.

Tom Glen
Jun-06-2010, 8:03am
If you don't mind providing this information. What is the length, width and scale length of your standard and piccolo Lelands. Thanks for all your help.

barney 59
Jun-09-2010, 10:08pm
Any Leland mandolins made by Larsons? Someone is running one on ebay that is making that claim.

Jun-09-2010, 10:21pm
The seller on eBay is a cafe member. I don't know anything about that connection. Anything is possible. The Larson's built some deluxe reverse scroll model mandolins that were an L&H patented design.

barney 59
Jun-11-2010, 2:07pm
I found one on Player's Vintage Instruments that makes the same claim. Banana knows his stuff --These come up from time to time--so the next question would be --Are they all Larson's or just some of them and how do you tell?