View Full Version : recommendations for pickup or condensor mic for Blueridge tenor?

Jun-01-2010, 11:17am
Has anyone tried out any forms of amplification for the BR-40T? Nothing available factory-installed. Any suggestions or experiences would be appreciated.

Jun-01-2010, 11:41am
I can use my Schertler Dyn external Transducer on any stringed instrument with a soundboard.

Note: the Dyn M and Dyn G are the same but for the cord length.

It is a dynamic style capsule, there is an XLR plug on the end ,

so It uses Mic Cables for extending the length.

Jul-12-2010, 10:00pm
I asked the guy at Elderly the same question, as I want my tenor to have the versatility to play electric when I feel like pretending I'm still a punk. No desire to sound like I'm playing a thin, loud acoustic. I want it to break up, a real magnetic single coil option that I can put in the soundhole and take out. He was stumped. Small soundhole, 4 poles, means no easy option. I have an old Harmony archtop beater. Thinking about buying a ###### old kay mando just for the pickup, putting it on that. Or maybe a bass pickup. Or waiting for the Eastwwod solid body electric, if the pickup's any good and it comes in under 250.

Jul-13-2010, 2:00pm
You can have an Under saddle Bridge pickup installed, same mech as used, installed, in a bunch of guitars ..

And there are microphones , one that I have the image of , it peeks over the edge of the sound hole ..

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Jul-13-2010, 3:40pm
I personallyLOVE this one...... http://www.amazon.com/Pure-Western-Acoustic-Guitar-Pickup/dp/B000P5OULA
Inexpensive, and if installed correctly[very important] a high output unit.
K&K recommends a preamp, but I use them often without,depending on the venue.