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May-20-2010, 12:25pm
In the eye candy under resonator instuments there in Gayle 5 string (C G D A E)
resonator mandolins he makes.
They look great and a good idea.

Anybody have any experience with these?

May-20-2010, 12:52pm
Yes. I've played one a couple of times. This thing is LOUD! You can outsound a banjo with it. Very easy to play too.:mandosmiley:

May-22-2010, 11:24pm
I am the proud owner of Mandonator #3 (check it out at www.tophergayle.com)
It is definitely eye candy plus is easy to play and has a clear, bright tone. Topher built it to my specifications with amazing craftsmanship. Each of his instruments is unique - his shop is a musician's wonderland!

May-23-2010, 2:25pm
A fellow brings one to some of the jams around here and it's an extremely nice-sounding instrument, loud but with very good tone. The only caveat I can think to mention is that it sounds a little more dobro than mandolin in terms of color, but the voice fits in beautifully with bluegrass and old time and all that.

Topher Gayle
May-29-2010, 10:25am

It is very cool to find folks are looking at my instruments! And I am very glad you seem to like them. If you have any questions about them, I'll be very happy to tell what I can about them.

Take care

Topher Gayle

David Hansen
May-29-2010, 1:41pm
I am the proud owner of Mandonator #5, just got it yesterday. This Mandonator was custom built to my own specifications with a banjo headstock and tuners and 4 strings instead of 5. I must say that the instrument is absolutely gorgeous and the craftsmanship is top notch. What really grabs your attention though is the tone, it has a very mellow, sweet tone that also has plenty of volume and presence to it. It's effortless to play as well but what I really like about it is the tone, it has a very unique voice.

Cliff D
May-29-2010, 6:42pm
Hmmm could be tempted if they come to the UK - but why list under the tenor guitar section?

And now I've just listened to sound recordings......... gorgeous. Damn, damn, damn, I've already just put a deposit on resonator guitar ..... ughhhhhhhhhh. Some of you may have heard the highly irritating "we buy any car" jingle (& jingle is putting it politely) the thudding is me banging my head against the wall!

Jun-02-2010, 12:38am
WOW! This looks like it would be great in an Irish session. I especially like the banjo headstock on #5.

Topher Gayle
Jun-08-2010, 8:54pm
WOW! This looks like it would be great in an Irish session. I especially like the banjo headstock on #5.

Well, I'm not sure why the original poster put this post here, but just to make it apply, I thought I'd mention I am starting a build of a 5-string 22" scale mandocello! I'll let you know when the photos and sound samples are in.

Topher Gayle
Jun-21-2010, 1:00pm
If you happen to be at the Mandolin Symposium in Santa Cruz CA this week, please try out my personal mandonator. (It's prototype serial #2 on my website) I loaned it to Tom Rozum rather spontaneously yesterday to take to the event. Hope you like it!


Topher Gayle
Feb-24-2012, 11:03pm
I was absolutely delighted when John Reischman purchased my trusty Prototype #2 last weekend. He played a swing set on it (it sounded very appropriate in that setting) and he had a jam session with ukulele player Mark Nelson (which sadly I missed out on!)

Now I've got to complete one for myself. It's a fanned-fret 5-string of monkeypod and I think it'll be done ahead of the mando-cello pitch instrument mentioned above.