View Full Version : National tricone resonator guitar 1928 in Scottish music

Apr-27-2010, 8:46am
Maybe of interest?

Personally, I find it goes really well with the reed sound of the accordion somehow. Metal magic going on there!


Kevin Macleod


Jun-15-2010, 6:31am
The cd " Braes of Badentarbat" is now available, loads of resonator tenor guitar and some mandolin/bouzouki duets with myself and Luke Plumb, on Sobell and Gilchrist F5 mandolins, and Peter Daffy bouzouki - check him out, his work is stunning. http://daffyguitars.com/



Kevin Macleod

Jason Kessler
Jun-20-2010, 5:07pm
I can't think of too many OTHER instruments that can overpower a resonator guitar volume-wise!

Jun-21-2010, 10:38am
Great great stuff.

Jun-22-2010, 4:48am
Cheers Jeff, we're just having a load of fun playing great tunes with a few drams to hand! :)

best wishes and thanks for the kind remark

Malcolm G.
Jun-22-2010, 5:59am

Great stuff!

How rare is a tenor National tricone?

I don't believe I've ever seen one.

Jun-24-2010, 5:34am
Thanks, Malcolm, not qute sure how many were made, but they were only made for 2-3 years in the late 1920's, if I remember from Bob Brozman's seminal book on Nationals, so maybe a couple of hundred? Mine is dated to 1928. Some were longer scale plectrum ones, one or two were single cone in the pear shape, and some rare ones are engraved beautifully, style 2's. They are superbly made, and the nickel sliver finish is amazing, considering it is all metal. They wer expensive at the time, compared with wooden tenors. Sonically the tricone is more "refined" than the single cone guitar shaped tenor, which is more earthy, bassy and honky, whereas the tricone is more shimmery, trebly and complex - quite hard to verbalise! They are all loud, that's a given!
If you google them over time there are a few surfacing for sale, but not many. I think MC stalwart Dan Beimborn has a pal who has one coming up for sale as it happens. I love them to bits, and if nothing else, you always get great conversations in sessions because of it!
Slainte from Scotland!
Kevin Macleod