View Full Version : Some good videos of tenor comping?

Apr-15-2010, 7:39pm
I'd love to check out some good videos of tenor comping somewhere in the Dixieland to swing continuum. Anyone care to post something, or point me towards some good stuff?

A personal favorite right now is Trio Grande . . . wonderful bass sax, National tenor, and cornet:


Apr-15-2010, 7:42pm

Charles E.
Apr-15-2010, 8:06pm
Here is one of my favorites....


Apr-16-2010, 2:27am
That's a fun group, JPL. Thanks.

And the Cats...killin. :cool:

Apr-16-2010, 9:50am
Yes, really nice music. Great links -- thanks.

Charles E.
Apr-17-2010, 9:28am
Here is my new favorite!


I want that tenor!

Apr-19-2010, 10:57am
I have this notion in my head that a tenor guitar would be a good fit for an all-purpose rhythm instrument in some of the various pre-war styles I like --- Dixieland, gypsy swing, jug band, etc. --- but good clips where you can really hear the tenor seem to be scarce.

That Trio Grande just knocks me out. Sax was my main instrument for many years . . . between the bass sax and the National tenor, that's a band with some real precious metal on the stage.

Charles E.
May-05-2010, 7:06pm
I just came upon this trio, ' Tenor Madness '. Nice.


Charles E.
May-08-2010, 4:51pm
Here is another one from Tenor madness.......


Good stuff.

Bernie Daniel
May-18-2010, 5:07am
Here is another one from Tenor madness.......


Good stuff.

Yes good stuff. Kind of odd I had stumbled across this group a few weeks ago searching on tenor guitar.

Are those both Gibson TG-50's?

Comment: Also when listening earlier to this video I had two impressions -- 1) you can sure do a lot with a tenor guitar but 2) it sounds kind of "thin" compare to a 6-string when you are expecting to hear those lower strings? I had the same impression this time. Thoughts?

May-18-2010, 8:16am
I don't know if I'd say "thin", but tenor is certainly staying out of the bass's way. Plenty of jazz/swing comping focuses on three-note chords, so maybe it's a question of the more open tenor tuning vs. the closer standard tuning.

Another style I have read about but not actually heard (AFAIK) is the "Eddie Freeman Special" --- plectrum-scale length, re-entrant tuned CGDA (with the D and A tuned an octave below standard tenor). I know this style has been used on Sel-Mac style archtops, and as a great fan of Le Pompe, I'd love to hear how those four-note close voicings sound on Gypsy swing.

Eddie Freeman tuning would also work on that Gold Tone resophonic plectrum guitar . . . those are easier to come by than a vintage National tenor.

Charles E.
May-30-2010, 5:22pm
How could have I forgotten The Hoosier Hotshot's?!


Charles E.
May-30-2010, 5:31pm
OK, now in this one you will notice Ken hs replaced the Kay arch top with a Gibson.