View Full Version : oh where oh where . . . has susanne gone?

Sep-21-2004, 10:51pm
missing your recordings! got anything brewing?


Sep-22-2004, 10:50am
Hi Craig,
Thanks for thinking of me!
I hope you didn't miss that I changed my nick at Yahoo from bluegrasstjej to ennistraveler. So, look for ennistraveler. (it that's hard, remember that I'm traveling to Ennis in November...I have at least uploaded a recording of Cold frosty morning in the beginning of this month. I'm still working on Whiskey before breakfast, and East Tennessee blues. I want to try to record both, if possible. WBB will probably be up soon.
What about your recordings? I miss yours too!

Also, I've started learning the fiddle more seriously now, so I haven't improved so much on the mandolin lately..