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Apr-11-2010, 7:06pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
The Sam Bush Interview


The Mandolin Cafe's Forum members have the questions, and Sam Bush has the answers for another of our extended feature interviews.

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Apr-13-2010, 12:19am
Marylin Manson? The Ramones? Oh my! Here's to musical open-mindedness.

Thanks, Scott, for another great interview from a musical hero. Love that 'One Tin Soldier' version from '71 too.

Apr-13-2010, 3:54am
What a nice interview. Like with the Don Stiernberg interview it shows that musicians are "average" people.

What I missed though is a comment of how Sam Bush´s sound evolved over the years. But heck, when you play on innumerable records you may just forget about what devellopment the playing style had.

Since Peter Rowan´s bluegrass band comes to England this year (Didmarton bluegrass festival) and Hot Rize playes the prestigeous Tönder Folk Festival I am looking forward to be able to experience Sam Bush in Europe. When´s the time, when? I would surely take a couple of days off, do a bit of driving ..., just like in ´99 when J.D. Crowe came to Zürich (CH).

Scott Tichenor
Apr-13-2010, 6:27am
Happy Birthday to Sam today, April 13.

Mandolin Cafe
Apr-11-2018, 10:41am
Noting the anniversary of this Sam Bush interview (https://www.mandolincafe.com/news/publish/mandolins_001202.shtml) published this date 2010.

Mandolin Cafe
Apr-13-2018, 8:19am
Happy birthday, Sam. Born in Bowling Green, Kentucky this date 1952.