View Full Version : Case for an old tenor?

Apr-09-2010, 3:36pm
I have a 1930s Regal tenor that I never take out of the house due to the fact that I don't have a suitable case for it. It has a small body, and I bought a small guitar gigbag that it swims in.

Any suggestions? It has a nice tone and it is certainly fun to play. I would like to work it into the gig rotation if only I could leave home without the fear of smashing it to splinters...

Apr-09-2010, 5:38pm
You might send the dimensions of your instrument to Larry White at Thin Man Strings in Alameda, CA. His website is here:


He sometimes has cases (made primarily for parlor guitars) that fit tenors, though I don't know if his will fit yours. (NFI.)

He also sells padded inserts for cases that may help make your instrument fit a "standard" case.

Jill McAuley
Apr-09-2010, 9:40pm
You also might check the measurements on your tenor vs. parlor guitar cases at Elderly Instruments, as something they have might work..


Apr-10-2010, 8:13am
Thanks everyone! The parlor guitar case might work if I pad it. Mine is only 7 1/2 in. upper bout, 10 1/2 in. lower, and 31 in. in length. Maybe I'll have to check bari uke cases... :)

Apr-10-2010, 8:59am
Maybe I'll have to check bari uke cases... :)

Actually, I just looked on elderly and they have a bari uke case that measures 10 1/2 in. at its widest and 31 1/2 in. long. Anyone know of a reason this wouldn't work?

May-05-2010, 4:20pm
A tad late, but remember we make custom instrument cases every day for any instrument. Our soft cases, like our case covers, are insulated to protect from extreme tempertaures and temperature extremes. We have 144 color combinations to choose from and a wide variety of options to choose from. We use a special laminate of 3/4" foam to provide insulation and structure, typically not found in a soft case. Our products are guarateed for life and all made in the USA. Custom mandolin soft cases, for comparison, start at $189.95.


May-05-2010, 6:17pm
This thing (http://cgi.ebay.com/1940s-Mandolo-National-Tenor-uke-etc-Case-/120565796624?cmd=ViewItem&pt=Guitar&hash=item1c12480f10) has been kicking around eBay for a few weeks. It'll never sell at the asking price, but maybe you can talk the seller down.

Cary Fagan
May-07-2010, 9:25am
I recently picked up the same model regal tenor, a lovely instrument. I tried it in my kala baritone uke light case but the body is too long and the shoulders too high. I tried it at a store in a kala hard case and it was close but needed another inch or two for the body. I suspect it won't fit in any baritone uke case. I'm going to take it down to the 12th fret here in toronto and try some cases, though I think a parlor guitar case is going to be the closest--other than custom.