View Full Version : Pick Guard on a 1962 Martin O-15T

Apr-07-2010, 3:51pm
Hi all,

I just became the owner of the above mentioned tenor guitar. It's in pretty good shape except the pointy part of the pick guard is lifting off. Well actually all around the edge, but the pointy part lifts the most.

I'm wondering if this is a DIY sort of thing or if I should take it in somewhere.


PS, Yes those are nylon strings and it's missing it's bass string. :-)


big smiley guy
Apr-07-2010, 10:51pm
Fairly common and simple fix but one that could be messy and FUBAR if not done properly.

doc holiday
Apr-08-2010, 11:46am
From the photo....it looks as though the finish is not over the pickguard, which is how Martins were done back in the day. Has the instrument been refinished? Is the pickguard original? If the pickguard is stuck on over top of the finish, it is easily removed with naptha. The back of the pickguard is easily cleaned to get the old adhesive off (naptha), and Stewmac sells sheets of adhesive for adhering pickguards. It's a pretty straightforward job if you take your time.

Apr-08-2010, 7:16pm
The guard is original and (I'm sorry the photo doesn't show it) the finish does not continue under it. It's one of the guitars they just over sprayed everything. I'm tempted to just slip a small piece of the pick guard adhesive under the end and stick the pointy end down... It's not like I'm going to wail on the thing. Do you think that is trouble?

I just want to learn a few song and give it back to my mom. along with a uke I have. Some of her grand kids(my nephews) have taken an interest and she would like to pass along some songs....

Apr-27-2010, 11:16am
So I took the guitar to a couple of certified Martin repair shops here in Boston to compare their recommendations. One of them wanted $40 to remove and replace the guard and the other guy stevemorrillguitarrepair.com (http://stevemorrillguitarrepair.com) said I should just glue down the tip with a little white Elmers glue and he walked me through the steps and what to watch out for and to be careful of... all while he was tweaking a couple of the bridge pins and bottom pin that had gotten loose.

Thanks for your input folks. I"ve had a lot of fun learning about this old tenor. And I have to say its also been pretty fun playing it these last few days.....

I put a set of baritone Uke strings an tuned it DGBE (like the top 4 of a Std. Guitar) My chord changes got about twice as fast. hahh.