View Full Version : Tenor get together in Astoria Oregon

Apr-05-2010, 9:12pm
Curious to know how many of you know about/ are thinking of coming out to Astoria,
on the Oregon coast the first weekend in June for the first[annual?]Tenor guitar romp?

GD Armstrong
Apr-07-2010, 1:30am
I would love to but will be in New Mexico for Zoukfest. The one time of the year I ever go anywhere!

Apr-07-2010, 1:33am
No Tenor, But I Live there. in good weather and bad.

Ed Rosney
Apr-09-2010, 2:44pm
Is there a calendar of events? I can't attend the entire weekend, but may be able to make a session or two. Would be especially interested in any workshops for beginners.

Eddie Sheehy
Apr-09-2010, 3:35pm

Apr-12-2010, 11:12pm
I'll be at RockyGrass in Lyons, CO though July 23-25 with my Tenortone tenor guitar. Anyone else going?