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Apr-05-2010, 12:04pm
The Mandolin Cafe has posted news:
10 Questions For Sierra Hull

The Mandolin Cafe checks in with mandolin wonder-kid Sierra Hull for a mini-interview to check on her first year at college and a new instructional mandolin DVD just published on AcuTab.

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Apr-08-2010, 3:19am
A couple of days without comments on this thread makes me feel obliged to say something.

The new up and coming musicians like Sierra Hull are a treat to watch music devellop even more. The 10 questions provided insight into what is possible for younger musicians to achieve today as opposed to years back (taking alternative music forms to college etc.).

I also like the way musicians like Sierra Hull are starting to carve a niche for their approach to music.

I wish her further luck (and the Lovell Sisters etc.).

William Grant Macdonald
Apr-08-2010, 2:55pm
Sierra's comment about having fun seems right on. I remember an interview with Bela Fleck where he said basically the same thing, e.g. do an arpeggio in a way that makes it fun, musical, interesting instead of just a robotic exercise. The "anecdotal" question about late night .treats seemed like a fluffy question. A more insightful question about, say, the interesting people she's met through music would round out Sierra's identity more than rice crispy treats, in my opinion.

Apr-10-2010, 8:35pm
Sierra Hull is my new musical 'hero'!


May-09-2010, 5:46pm
Id like to know what her set up is,,strings,,picks,,string height,,etc.shes a prodigy for sure!!

Mandolin Cafe
Apr-05-2018, 7:33am
Noting the anniversary of this interview from 2010. Lot has happened with Sierra in that time!

Apr-05-2018, 8:35am
I would love to revisit this now that it's 10 years later considering how much her life has changed in that time. Just to see what's influencing her now.


Mandolin Cafe
Apr-05-2018, 9:04am
There's this, of course: Sierra Hull - Weighted Mind Interview (https://www.mandolincafe.com/forum/content.php?201-Sierra-Hull-The-Weighted-Mind-Interview) from 2016. Probably my favorite Michael Eck interview that has appeared on this site out of many. He was the one person that really was able to get her to open up about the troubling transition from bluegrass band leader to a musician doing what she really wanted to be.

Apr-05-2018, 10:28am
Excellent 'Weighted Mind' interview. It is nice to see a 'child star' mature both as a person, and with their music. There are to many 'teen' pop/country stars who still write the same banal songs at 26 that they were writing at 16 - and almost undoubtedly are mostly doing it to keep their record company, management, produces, etc. 'happy'. Sorry, I couldn't/wouldn't do that, even if I had to.

If I had to answer the question right now, I would say that my favorite 'modern' mandolin player is, hands-down, Sierra Hull.

Keep up the good work.