View Full Version : What are the best replacement tuners for a '20's Gibson A-2

Apr-05-2010, 9:36am
I am getting tired of the originals. I think I'm going to give up. what should I replace them with?

Apr-05-2010, 10:13am
The best? Waverly tuners from Stewmac (http://www.stewmac.com). They don't list the A model tuners on their website but I think you can still order them.

Apr-05-2010, 1:39pm
Some time soon Stew Mac is coming out with vintage style replica tuners for teens/twenties A model Gibsons. Those would look original and work nicely if you don't want to spend $4-500 on Waverly's. They haven't set a price yet but I imagine they will be much cheaper than Waverly's. Check the Cafe mandolin restoration thread in the Builders forum for more details.

Rob Gerety
Apr-05-2010, 2:24pm
I can't wait until those new Stew Mac replica tuners come out. Like the OP I am a bit frustrated with my original old tuners. They work - but I would just as soon stick them in the case and get a modern replica set as long as no modification are involved. I want to be able to put the originals back with no evidence whatsoever that different tuners were in use on the mandolin.

Apr-05-2010, 9:13pm
Thanks. I'll wait for the replicas. This mandolin is a player's instrument. I'm never going to sell it, most likely, so I don't care about the resale value. I just want to get the thing in tune easily. Of course I'll keep the old ones, as much as I hate them.

Apr-08-2010, 12:42pm
No need to wait, i have cut new tuners apart so they fit the string spacing many times and it works great. Who cares if you modify the new tuners, but every one cares if you modify your old mandolin. Usually they fit better in reverse mode, and you may have to open up a screw hole to make it work, the screws where you cut the tuner (cut in the center of the screw mounting hole) will contact both parts and work even tho the tuner plate is cut and the space is very thin. I have had them cut on my Gibson for at least 8 -10 years. If you have to drill the new tuner to match the mounting hole of the mandolin.