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Feb-12-2004, 11:58am
Ok, now that I got you to look. I have been hearing lots more mandolin in new country songs. Partly I am sure because I listen more closely for it now but I also think more of the bands are adding it to their group. This leads to the question is anybody out there tabbing some of this new stuff. In particular radio has been playing the heck out of Alan Jacksons "Remember When" which is a beautiful tune where he is accompanied primarily with a solo mandolin. So is anybody out there playing this new stuff and where did you find the tab. thanks, Jay

Feb-12-2004, 2:02pm
I have seen this video on CMT and it really looks like the "mandolin" that you hear is actually Alan on quitar. I have heard that if you capo a guitar way up, it will "almost" sound like a mando. Not positive on either though. I did a search for tab for this song also a while ago and came up short. I'll be interested to see if anyone knows where to find this. Heck, even if someone can find it in quitar notation (not just the chords) I'd be glad. I have found some good tabs at alltabs.com and countrytabs.com in the past.

Feb-12-2004, 2:16pm
I have also seen the video and while he is strumming a little on his guitar (check out the wood, its unreal) he is mostly just sitting and singing. The cd is very clearly a mandolin complete with that woody tone and a nice tremolo. No capos there!

Feb-12-2004, 2:32pm
Oh! Afterthought! Alan does have a mandolin player in his band, I remember seeing him at Alan's concert at the state fair last August. With that said, they would have no reason to capo the guitar? Still a great song and video. Tabs anyone?