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Mar-17-2010, 7:47am
I know there are a ton of little details that I don't directly experience that you guys have set up just so - well the overall effect is great. The invisible and underappreciated hand of you craftsmen. Things feel more intuitive with the new software, everything I use is just where I somehow expect it to be. I think I am a little faster getting around because of that.

And all the energy put into keeping all the barbarians far away from us. I just don't appreciate enough how much I don't have to deal with.

Then there are the big features - stuff you just cannot get anywhere else but here at the cafe.

The inteviews are amazing, and of far more interesting to me than I ever thought they would be. I hardly ever read the interviews in any magazine, but here, perhaps because the questions are almost exactly what I would ask, and because I know I could have asked questions myself, the interviews are not put-downable.

The tune-a-week thing, that came from the users, (and Barbara's energy and inspiration), is just such a neat way to use the computer technology to enhance and enjoy our playing. Amazing. I don't participate much, but I lurk.

I see so many comments asking for you folks to fix this or that, the turbo-encabulator is squeeking again, and there aren't enough nofer trunnions, or asking for new features, the ability to fly and walk through walls and what not. So I wanted to add an appreciation of all that is not only right with the site, but really cool as well.

Scott Tichenor
Mar-17-2010, 3:37pm
Jeff, thank you for your kind words. You're right about Barbara. She's a force and positive part of this community for sure.

Mar-18-2010, 4:47pm
I'm glad Jeff posted this. All to often I believe that folks seem to take good service and products for granted without any words of gratitude while we have seen lately how they also will complain about the smallest thing. If someone provides an exceptional product or great service. we should take the time to let them know. (and HEY, it don't cost one thin dime!) I too appreciate the oppurtunity that the Caf'e offers. Although I have only been a member for ~ 3 months, i have received some expert advise on restoring a few antique mandolins, parts,advise, and support for restoring a 1925 Tiple, and in Barbara's SAW group have learned more tunes in 2 months than in the past 5 years. This is also the most member-friendly site on the web, IMHO, have never read a hurtful or mean-spirited post and i don't believe it's because the moderators keep things in order but that the members are all truly nice people.
Anyway , I second Jeff's post although he put it much better than I.
Thanx Again


John Kinn
Mar-18-2010, 6:23pm
Amen to the aforementioned! Tichenor and company deserves a standing ovation from everyone using this site! And thank you for pointing me towards the tune a week-group, where I have spent the best of the last two hours gloating over a diversity of videos etc..:mandosmiley:

Mar-18-2010, 7:09pm
Yes a well deserved round of applause for Scott and friends. This site is THE go-to place for expert advice which is given many times, by, well THE experts! We are very lucky that so many luthiers and musicians frequent the site and offer their help. The community is non parilel and you can find an overwhelming diversity of interests and topics. cheers!

Barbara Shultz
Mar-19-2010, 8:38am
I agree that Mandolin Cafe is THE place to be on the web! Scott does such a wonderful job....
Blushing thanks for the kudos to me.... it's actually the great members of the Song A Week Social Group that make it so wonderful, but I enjoy helping keep it together!

Perry Babasin
Apr-01-2010, 10:49am
Just to add my 2 for what that's worth (probably about 2 or so), I too love this site, and really like the new software.

Thanks for all that you do.... Perry