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Mar-10-2010, 7:30am
Chad Fadely - iMando

iMando is the newest release of mostly original compositions from Montana based mandolinist Chad Fadely and follows up his successful 2007 release The Back Room and 2005's Mandolin Escapes.

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Scott Tichenor
Mar-10-2010, 7:33am
Cut from the recording available on the Cafe MP3 page. Terrific recording from a guy that always turns out some tasty playing.

Mar-10-2010, 11:24am
Tasty recording....

I'm featuring the opening cut on one of my podcasts--"Orcas Isle", which was written here during Chad's visit to the island.

Now if I can only figure out whether it's pronounced "Fade-lee" or "Fad-lee"... ;-)

Mar-10-2010, 1:58pm
I think it's pronounced "Ch-ad"


Great recording froma great guy - features our bass player, Mary Sackmann on a few cuts.

5 Stars!

Mar-10-2010, 2:21pm
I just emailed him...

It's "Fade-lee"...

Mar-10-2010, 2:37pm
Me likee Mr. Fadely's Gilchrist, particularly that itty-bitty pickguard.

Mar-10-2010, 5:27pm
Great tone and chops.

John Rosett
Mar-11-2010, 2:57pm
I just bought a copy, but I forgot to get it autographed.
I think he should drop the last name all together (just for performance) and just go with "Chad".

Jason Kindall
Mar-11-2010, 8:06pm
Why is it that every time I dig in and find the make of a particularly particularly mouth-watering mandolin tone I find its a Gilchrist? Man oh man. What tone.

I'm gonna have to order this one (the CD that is).

Oct-05-2012, 3:06pm
I just emailed him...

It's "Fade-lee"...

How did you get a hold of Chad Fadely's email? I would really like to obtain some tabs for the song " The Back Room".

George R. Lane
Oct-05-2012, 4:01pm
You can contact him at Greg Boyd's House of Fine Instruments.

Oct-05-2012, 4:57pm
It says he also plays a Fletcher Brock mandolin.

doc holiday
Oct-05-2012, 5:10pm
Chad plays a Gil mandolin & a Fletcher Brock Octave mandolin. He won't be letting go of that Gil, that's for sure.

George R. Lane
Oct-05-2012, 6:05pm
Here is a photo I took of Chad (with his Gilchrist) and Michael Cleveland playing at a after concert party, in Helena last June. Michael came to town to play with my late friend Walt Timmerman (aka Bill Jr.).

Wilbur James
Oct-06-2012, 7:14am
Does anybody know what year Chads Gilchrist is?