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Sep-17-2004, 3:04am
Thanks to the combined efforts and hard work of my good friend, Jack Manhard and myself, I have my Octave Mandolin plans available as well as a set of the 21 page illustrated instructions to go along with the drawings. I felt this would be beneficial to the "from the tree" builders who want to have a go at it from scratch. I have these listed in the classified section and it is add 10992. I will be available, as I always am, for consultation and help just as I am with my kits.
I will also donate $1 to the Plucked String Foundation for every set of plans sold so check it out. These are the drawings / Instructions to the OM kit that I have but without the wood. The standard mandolin plans will be out in October.



John Bertotti
Sep-19-2004, 7:18am
Link didn't work Don, not sure why. What's the scale length? John

The link works now. John

Sep-23-2004, 9:09am
Sometimes the link works and sometimes it doesn't.

The plans come with a 22.875" scale length but there is enough flexibilituy in the design that you could take off the first two frets and have a scale of 20.179.


John Bertotti
Sep-23-2004, 9:36am
I'll email you Don I have several questions. Thanks John