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man dough nollij
Mar-06-2010, 12:23am
Sorry if this has been previously posted. I use IE8, and just posted a classifed ad. I looked and looked, but saw no way to post a picture with my ad. If there is a link or button for that, it didn't render on my browser. I even tried to go back and edit, and there is just no place to ad a pic. Help?

Mar-06-2010, 12:40am
There is a link on the ad to send the picture to Scott if you're having problems posting an image. Without setting up an ad I can't see the process. Do you see that message where the picture should be?

man dough nollij
Mar-06-2010, 12:46am
Yep, I sent my image to Scott. I just didn't see any link or button to upload an image to the ad. Is this another IE bug?

Mar-06-2010, 11:08pm
On the first and only ad I've posted to date, when I posted the ad I could see no way to post a picture, either. It was only after I submitted the ad text that I finally saw a "post picture" procedure button. I thought it was likely just a sequential process rather than a "do it all at once" thing. This would allow use of the same "submit photo" procedure for all photos. Now that was just a guess, based on a primitive view of programming issues, but it satisfied me. Anyway, I was able to post a pic using the "upload new pic" button after initial posting of the pic-less ad. Maybe it's different now.

Scott Tichenor
Mar-07-2010, 12:57pm
Here's a self-driven tutorial. See if you can find how to post a photo to a Classified Ad on the first screen you're presented after the ad has posted. I'm not putting this here to be Mr. Smartypants, but people read these things and think it's impossible or that I've gleefully hidden these simple tools and an advanced IT certification is required to find it. Not the case. This has pretty much been like this for 12 years now with very few changes. Hint: if you're used to being on auto-pilot and don't read text presented to you on the web, you'll continue to have problems in the long run on all web sites. This, I promise, is true.



Mar-07-2010, 1:40pm
As Scott said, and it applies to me, too, I'm not attempting "to be Mr. SmartyPants." My experience was that I got to post the text of the ad with all of the supporting info. There was a "submit" button, reasonable as a prelude to getting an ad number assigned. Before "submit"ting the ad, I saw no way to concurrently submit a photo. The present ad submission page even says, "You will be able to upload a photo to your ad once it has been posted." I thought this to be an intelligible statement, not likely to fade or become doubtful with the passage of time (apologies to Mark Twain).

In my case, I pressed the "submit" button and examined my ad, and then after I'd resized and reshaped the picture to fit the posting limits I submitted it with (as I recall) the "upload photo" button which appeared after I pressed the "submit" button. One thing I have become ever more aware of "with the passage of time" is my own limitations. I rarely say anymore, "There was not...," but rather, "I did not see..." Or sometimes, "I think there was not..."

I am very happy with the cafe in general, and with how my ad post went in particular. I found a buyer. The approval period closed yesterday, and he remains happy, I consequently remain happy (pending the onset of seller's remorse), and I shall be submitting a contribution to the cafe.

Lee, the O.P. above, noticed no way to post a picture even after submission, which was clearly an oversight on his part. My purpose in posting my story is to help save someone from an overly lengthy search for a photo upload button prior to pressing "submit". Or to prompt someone to educate me further on the topic of my multiple and severe deficiencies by pointing out to me just where I missed this particular boat.

man dough nollij
Mar-07-2010, 10:14pm
I've posted a couple more ads (trying to clean house for my new Old Wave...). Now I see the upload picture button. I swear it wasn't showing up before. I'm still experiencing some strange stuff with IE8 (lots of white space, etc.).