View Full Version : Gibson tenor - 2nd hand

Cliff D
Mar-04-2010, 12:39pm
I saw this in London's Hobgoblin store earlier today & thought folk might be interested.

Mar-05-2010, 1:44pm
Uh oh! I am planning a trip to Hobgoblin. How did it sound?

Cliff D
Mar-06-2010, 7:59am
I did not dare to play it! It looks like it has seen a lot of service & needs a little TLC. It was stashed away at the side, near the back, & I think most people would walk past without giving it a second glance. They have about three tenors in at the moment. I had a look at the Ashbory: I don't know how the last person who touched it had tuned it, but some one else was chugging away on an accordion at length, so I could hardly hear it (another reason for my not asking to try the Gibbo).

Incidentally I saw a resonator mando at Wunjo's (I believe you have acquired something similar) in the same back room you correctly identified in another thread. As regards the Ozark, I manage to find some reviews on other boards; I may have to do a little work to it, but it seems a reasonable bet. are we going to get to see the new toy at some point?

Mar-06-2010, 3:28pm
Has the Ozark arrived yet Cliff?

My reso mando is the National RM1. I'll bring it to the session next time I come, but odds on that won't be the next session -- I'm working that weekend. :(

Cliff D
Mar-12-2010, 8:41am
Yep, Ozark now here. Came with hard case (The supplier did not know if a case or gig bag would be included). Reasonably playable out of the box, although frets are rough (scatrching noises when you bend a string). Looks well made & finished, neck a little clubby. Piezo sound good, reasonably even response across strings with some EQ adjustment. Will post a fuller review under the thread I started previously (& the only thread I have never had a reply to - to date!). Oh one more somewhat amusing thing; Stentor threw in a free Ozark branded tuner E A D G B!