View Full Version : Tiny Title Text

Feb-28-2010, 9:58pm
The new software has a little problem with my Palm Pre and shows the thread titles really small. Not a huge deal, but just a minor glitch.

Scott Tichenor
Feb-28-2010, 10:23pm
Mike, there is a plan to install an add-on that will be intended for use by people accessing the forum on hand-helds/phones. Might be as early as this week. I think that is a better solution. It's still a small percentage accessing the site in this manner but I'm one of them and it's definitely on the rise. Stay tuned and we'll try to get to it.

Mar-01-2010, 7:24am
Looks like it's fixed. Thanks Scott, and I appreciate your hard work!

Mar-01-2010, 12:05pm
I spoke too soon. Titles look normal in some areas, but tiny in others.